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pancha (pänˑ·ch),

n in Sanskrit, five.
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Synopsis: After one of Hawaii's most beloved celebrities is murdered, Pancho McMartin gets an unexpected call from Judge Makena, the administrative judge.
NYSE: SUNE), the world's largest renewable energy development company, today announced that Pancho Perez has been appointed to the newly created role of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.
This book takes us to Arizona, where the cruelest American heat is felt, and in search of another superhero: Pancho Villa.
HAVANA -- Pancho the Pelican apparently prefers the company of humans to his own kind, and the grit of the big city to a life spent soaring through the breeze above the Caribbean Sea.
You may think we are talking about Al Qaeda, U-2s in Afghanistan, and remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs), but we are actually talking about Pancho Villa, the Mexican Punitive Expedition of 1916, and the Curtiss JN-3 aircraft.
com)-- The Amazon Kindle release of Pancho Land, third novel in the Class H Trilogy by award-winning author Raul Ramos y Sanchez, is slated for November 12, 2002.
Whether remembered as a legendary champion of the people or a ruthless bandit, Doroteo Arango, better known as Pancho Villa (1878-1923), is little understand despite being one of the best- known figures of Mexican history.
Pancho Villa's, a US-based restaurant offering Mexican cuisine, has announced the installation of Tabbedout, a mobile payment app available on iPhone and Android smart phones.
Espejo's husband, CPA Pancho Espejo, hasn't been charged with any crime.
Chris Murray and Stewart Hughes from Apache Clothing welcomed Michael Locke - aka Pancho - who was fooling around in the city centre ahead of the gig.
I especially remember a doubles match, Lew Hoad and Ken Rosewall versus Rod Laver and Pancho Gonzales.
Mang Pancho was one of the few volunteers at the FCC, but what made him stand above the rest were his enthusiasm, eagerness and commitment to serve his 'kababayans' (countrymen).