Palmaz, J.C.

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J.C., 20th century U.S. vascular surgeon.
Palmaz stent - an intravascular stent.
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Conversely, in the large "Multicenter Palmaz Stent renal artery stenosis revascularization registry" an improvement of blood pressure control was documented in the 1058 enrolled patients, during a 4-yearfollow up period (12).
* Palmaz stent (Cordis/Johnson & Johnson, Warren, NJ)
(1-6) The remaining patient, after an initially uneventful tracheal and left lower lobe bronchus stent insertion, required a repeat procedure after 2 days due to significant extrinsic compression which had deformed the original stainless-steel balloon-expandable Palmaz stent (Johnston & Johnston Interventional Systems, Warren, NJ).