palmaris brevis muscle

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pal·mar·is brev·is mus·cle

(pahl-mar'is brev'is mŭs'ĕl)
Cutaneous muscle of hand; origin, ulnar side of central portion of the palmar aponeurosis; insertion, skin of ulnar side of hand; action, wrinkles skin on medial side of palm; nerve supply, ulnar.
Synonym(s): musculus palmaris brevis, short palmar muscle.
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(7) With the endoscopic technique the palmaris brevis muscle & palmar fascia were not divided, and that could be the reason for it.
Its roof is formed by the palmar carpal ligament, (antebrachial fascia), and the palmaris brevis muscle, the floor is formed by the hypothenar muscles and the flexor retinaculum.