palatoglossus muscle

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pal·a·to·glos·sus mus·cle

(pal'ă-tō-glos'ŭs mŭs'ĕl)
Forms anterior pillar of tonsillar fossa; origin, oral surface of soft palate; insertion, side of tongue; action, raises back of tongue and narrows fauces; nerve supply, pharyngeal plexus (cranial root of accessory nerve).
Synonym(s): musculus palatoglossus [TA] .
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(16) They concluded that in the supine position, the palatoglossus muscle attempts to maintain palatal position against gravity by increasing its motor activity.
With a 3-0 polydiaxanone suture (PDS), the palatopharyngeus muscle is attached to the palatoglossus muscle on either side at the incisional site.
Muscle spindles in the human levator veli palatini and palatoglossus muscles. J Speech Hear Res.