palatine process of maxilla

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pal·a·tine pro·cess of maxilla

medially directed shelves from the maxillae that, with the horizontal plate of the palatine bone, form the bony palate.

pal·a·tine pro·cess of max·il·la

(pală-tīn proses mak-silă) [TA]
Medially directed shelves from maxillae that, with horizontal plate of palatine bone, form bony palate.
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casamayorensis the pterygoid process is very well developed and wing-like (BAEZ, 1977; SCHAEFFER, 1949; MUZZOPAPPA & BAEZ, 2009), whereas in ceratophryids, the palatine process of the maxilla is much more reduced, being nearly absent (LYNCH, 1971; PERI, 1993).
ampinga the anterior portion of the palatine process of the maxilla is absent, whereas in C.