torus palatinus

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 [tor´us] (L.)
a swelling or bulging projection.
torus mandibula´ris a prominence sometimes seen on the lingual aspect of the mandible at the base of its alveolar part.
torus palati´nus a bony protuberance sometimes found on the hard palate at the junction of the intermaxillary suture and the transverse palatine suture.
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pal·a·tine to·rus

, torus palatinus
an exostosis protruding from the midline of the hard palate.
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tor·us pal·a·ti·nus

(tōr'ŭs pal'ă-tī'nŭs)
A bony protuberance in the midline of the hard palate.
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tor·us pal·a·ti·nus

(tōrŭs pală-tīnŭs)
Bony protuberance in midline of hard palate.
Synonym(s): maxillary torus.
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These include mandibular tori (if present), the floor of the mouth, palatal tori (if present), the palatal midline, the lingual boundaries of the mandibular gingiva and the palatal boundaries of the maxillary dentition.