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Despite the many studies conducted on the skeletons of birds belonging to the superorder Ratiatae in the subclass Palaeognathae, such as ostrich or emu, and morphologically large ones, there is no reference to exact measurements of their vertebrae and spinal canal (Sales, 2006; Leite et al, 2012) or they are only insignificant and not very precise mentions (Cobley et al.; Kumar & Singh, 2014).
We describe a new avian HBV causing severe hepatitis in the elegant-crested tinamou (Eudromia elegans), a member of the ancient group of birds the Palaeognathae, which includes emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae) and ostriches (Struthio spp.).
BRENNAN, P.L.R., 2012.--Mixed paternity despite high male parental care in great tinamous and other Palaeognathae. Anim.Behav.,84: 693-699.