George E., 20th-century Romanian-born U.S. cell biologist and Nobel laureate. See: Palade granule, Weibel-Palade bodies.
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Palade who is considered one of the founding fathers of modern cell biology.
Different types of junctions in metazoan epithelia are specialized to adhere cells together, to mediate communication between them, and to impede passage of solutes between cells (Farquhar and Palade, 1963; Miller et al, 2013).
Se inicia el camino por el biologo rumano George Palade y el fisico e histologo sueco Fritiof Sjostrand, quienes observaron distintos elementos estructurales de estos organulos como la membrana externa, la membrana interna y las crestas mitocondriales (Martorell, 2014).
P-Selectin is an adhesion molecule found in the Weibel- Palade bodies of endothelial cells and the alpha granules of platelets.
Palade, "New cytoplasmic components in arterial endothelia," Journal of Cell Biology, vol.
2012; Vinjan, Palade, Cristea, Benga, & Muresanu, 2012; Wilson, Donders, & Nguyen, 2011).
Palade, shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for contributions to the field of cytology, or cellular biology.
Presenting the rich data that our site is known for on smaller screens was a challenge, but one that we felt we had to take on to satisfy the needs of our customers,” said Alex Palade, Director of Product Development.
Palade (1912-2008), the founder of this series and considered by many to be the father of cell biology.
La desmopresina aumenta la concentracion plasmatica del factor viii y del VWF por la induccion de la liberacion de factor de VWB de los cuerpos de Weibel Palade en el endotelio vascular y tiene efecto en la actividad plaquetaria por medio de su adhesion a la pared vascular.
3) Rodica Palade, Interview with Mihnea Berindei in "22", year II, no.