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Abbreviation for postantibiotic leukocyte enhancement.


adj in Chinese medicine, a facial coloration indicative of low energy, cold energy, energetic blockages, infections, and echo patterns. See also cold energy, echo pattern.


lacking the pink color of normal viable tissue that is perfused with blood.

pale laurel
kalmiapolifolia var. microphylla.
pale willow weed
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The present study of bronzes from the Khorat Plateau suggests a direct link to Pala Bengal and also indicates the early existence of the link, long before the Sab Bak inscription.
FORCE: David Price celebrates his win over Ondrej Pala Picture by PHOTO WENDE
These would have come up on the Ganga, on either side of Loharinag Pala.
Over the course of the next several weeks, some 215 Cupenos and Dieguenos were removed to Pala, joining the forty-three Luisenos already living there on the thirteen allotments--plots of land in individual units--that the government had assigned to them nearly a decade earlier, part of a program of federal relief for lost lands.
Mr Pala said: "If we are going to make the most of these foundations we need to look to the future and this is where the European Automotive Strategy Network comes in.
It was getting to the point where it was difficult to switch off because people were actually staring at me and clearly regarding me as an immigrant, so it was hard to switch off psychologically and emotionally from Pala.
Rachel Eade and David Malpass, of Accelerate, with Kishor Pala, front right, and EU delegates looking into the project .
En estos metodos, diferentes versiones de la Teoria del Elemento de pala, se tratan de calcular las velocidades inducidas sobre secciones bidimensionales de la pala y el flujo tridimensional es aproximado como una secuencia de flujos bidimensionales sobre las secciones, a partir de velocidades y angulos de ataque efectivos.
Striking fear into the hearts of Philippine journalists, outspoken radio commentator Juan Pala was killed Sept.
PALA Chairs after Roger Fowler (1981-4), elected for 3-4-year periods, were Vimala Herman (Lancaster), Ron Carter, Mick Short, Katie Wales (Royal Holloway University of London), Tony Bex (Kent) and, currently Willie van Peer (Munich) (2000-), our first chair from outside the UK.
San Antonio de Pala recalls California's Spanish past in midst of Indian community it serves to this day
Similar to other Native Americans throughout North America, the Indians on the Pala Reservation in California's northern San Diego County have for centuries identified with the lands upon which they live.