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Two objects considered together because of similarity, for a common purpose, or because of some attracting force between them.
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Two of anything similar in shape, size, and conformation.

base pair

In the double-stranded helical arrangement of DNA, the complementary purine-pyrimidine nucleotide bases (adenine-thymidine or guanine-cytosine) that are linked by weak chemical bonds. The order of these base pairs encode the genetic information in each segment of DNA.

ion pair

Two particles of opposite charge, usually an electron and a proton.
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"Glee" star, Melissa Benoist is the latest actress to be paired off with Matt Bomer for a few fan-made videos for "Fifty Shades of Grey." The brunette and grey-bluish eyed actress is the latest Hollywood star to be thrown into the mix as well.
Failing that, the two beaten provincial finalists (Galway and Cork/Limerick) will be paired off against the two phase three qualifier winners in a draw.
Apart from that, Skarsgard has been paired off with Alexis Bledel.
RYDER Cup hero Colin Montgomerie paired off with supermodel Jodie Kidd at St Andrews yesterday.
The winners of both ties will then be paired off in Phase III against whoever emerges from the Cork-Offaly and Antrim-Westmeath games next Saturday.
She has complained about being "paired off by the media with every bloke I stand next to".
"These boys have played all the way along," said McGrath, who may well be paired off against rookie centre-back William Egan in Curran's absence.
He is paired off by his parents with Elaine Robinson (Katherine Ross), the daughter of his father's business partner.
Cork and Laois, who beat Antrim on Saturday, will be paired off against the winners from the Clare-Galway and Wexford-Limerick ties on Saturday.
Yeah, being paired off with hordes of handsome, moneyed blokes - what a nightmare.
Housemates were paired off to live, eat and sleep together until tomorrow for the food task - Daniel with Nadia, Jason with Michelle and Stu with Shell.