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abbreviation for xeroderma pigmentosum.


The X chromosome that a daughter receives from her father.

xanthoma palpebrarum

; XP soft, yellowish plaques of fatty tissue; patients with hypercholesterolaemia may develop XP of eyelids
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The survey was also not designed to distinguish feedback about the flipped classroom structure or pair programming, which was the predominant in-class active learning activity.
For this study, the main in-class active learning activity was pair programming.
In this case, it was necessary to ensure that the teams were really working in accordance to pair programming rules during the pair programming sessions.
2003), Improving the CS1 experience with pair programming.
2000), Strengthening the case for pair programming.
If one experienced and one inexperienced member work together in a pair, they can establish a good mentoring relationship, but their different levels of experience are not conducive to productive pair programming.
Based on that experience we wanted to evaluate the usability of pair programming for the current long term project or other future company projects.
Participants in this experiment were two developers that have been involved in the project from its beginnings, but did not have any experience in pair programming, neither in this project, nor any other.
One of them was keen to experience pair programming while the other did not see any advantages at the beginning of the experiment.
Pair programming is a skill just as programming itself, and as any other skill, the more it is practiced, the better it is developed.
Developers have shown greater willingness to try pair programming at the end of the experiment then at the beginning.