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The most expensive proposal is to extend paid parental leave by a further six months, which the group estimates would cost about [euro]273million annually.
The fast food chain giant provides eligible employees up to 18 weeks of pay based on their ordinary wages less any payments they got under the Government Paid Parental Leave scheme.
Paid parental leave is vital for improving graduate employee well-being, increasing the accessibility of graduate school and continuing the excellence of undergraduate education at the UO.
She further added that the study had significant implications for decisions-makers about when women should return to work, with current government paid parental leave entitlements ceasing at 18 weeks.
Paid parental leave, in particular in the form of individual and non-transferable leave for fathers, is seen as an important type of policy encouraging men's participation in early childcare, since the use of leave would act as a significant factor in shifting men's competence and investment in the emotional, social and moral responsibilities of parenting (Duvander & Johanssen, 2012; Flaas & Hwang, 2008).
Interestingly, Marissa Mayer, chief executive officer of Yahoo, started offering new mothers and fathers 8 weeks of paid parental leave, and mothers have the option of taking an additional 8 weeks.
Abbott was elected on September 7 on a pledge to quickly scrap taxes on corporate pollution and mining profits imposed under Labor, as well as introducing a costly paid parental leave scheme and a vow to build new roads across the vast nation.
Abbott will need Senate approval to scrap the carbon and mining taxes, and to implement his landmark paid parental leave scheme which has upset big business and many in his own party.
One of Abbott's centerpiece promises of a paid parental leave scheme is unpopular with business backers and within his party, and there are simmering tensions over Chinese farm buying, labor reform and overseas investment.
Deyana Kostadinova, caretaker Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor and Social Policy, has said that in order to increase maternity benefits, the period of paid parental leave must be shortened.
In Sweden, for example, parents are entitled to paid parental leave for 18 months, divided between parents and not taken at the same time.
Ruhm is co-author of Turbulence in the American Workplace (published by Oxford University Press) and Time Out with Baby: The Case for Paid Parental Leave (which is to be published by Zero to Three).