Pahvant Valley fever

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A disease caused by Francisella tularensis and transmitted to humans from rodents through the bite of a deer fly, Chrysops discalis, and other bloodsucking insects; can also be acquired directly through the bite of an infected animal or through handling of an infected animal carcass; symptoms, similar to those of undulant fever and plague, are a prolonged intermittent or remittent fever and often swelling and suppuration of the lymph nodes draining the site of infection; rabbits are an important reservoir host.
[Tulare, Lake and County, CA, + G. haima, blood]
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Pahvant Valley,

valley in Utah where first cases of the fever were reported.
Pahvant Valley fever - tularemia. Synonym(s): Pahvant Valley plague
Pahvant Valley plague - Synonym(s): Pahvant Valley fever


county in California where the disease was first discovered.
tularemia - a disease that is transmitted to humans from rodents through the bite of a deer fly or other bloodsucking insects, or through the handling of an infected animal carcass. Synonym(s): deer-fly disease; deer-fly fever; Pahvant Valley fever; Pahvant Valley plague; rabbit fever
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