Paget-von Schrotter syndrome

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Pag·et-von Schröt·ter syn·drome

(paj'et fahn shroyt'er),
stress thrombosis or spontaneous thrombosis of the subclavian or axillary vein; a thoracic outlet syndrome.
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A blood clot that forms within a vessel—e.g., an axillary vein—of a muscle group which was subjected to strenuous exercise. Effort thrombosis may also occur in thoracic outlet syndrome
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Sir James, English surgeon, 1814-1899.
extramammary Paget disease - Synonym(s): Paget disease
Paget abscess syndrome - an abscess recurrence at the same site after apparent cure.
Paget associated osteogenic sarcoma
Paget cells - relatively large neoplastic epithelial cells.
Paget disease - an intraepidermal form of mucinous adenocarcinoma, most commonly in the anogenital region. Synonym(s): extramammary Paget disease
Paget disease of bone - osteitis deformans. Synonym(s): Paget II syndrome
Paget disease of the nipple - ductal carcinoma.
Paget disease of the penis - carcinoma that develops after balanitis.
Paget juvenile syndrome - Synonym(s): familial osteoectasia
Paget quiet necrosis - necrosis in the superficial layers of the shaft of a long bone.
Paget I syndrome - relationship to or possible extension of mammary duct carcinoma.
Paget II syndrome - Synonym(s): Paget disease of bone
Paget test - to determine whether a mass is a solid tumor or a cyst.
Paget-von Schrötter syndrome - stress thrombosis or spontaneous thrombosis of the subclavian or axillary vein. Synonym(s): effort-induced thrombosis


Leopold von, Austrian laryngologist, 1837-1908.
Paget-von Schrötter syndrome - see under Paget, Sir James
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