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Mal Cowgill, principal and chief executive at Wolverhampton College, said: "As part of the development of the college's new city centre campus within the City Learning Quarter, the Paget Road campus will be sold following the move to the new site.
Paget plundered a second goal on 28 minutes when Karl Walker headed home Burke's left wing cross.
Paget killed the vulnerable 57-yearold coin collector then burgled his home, sold some of his belongings and fled to Devon.
Considering the radiological appearance, osteitis deformans (Paget's disease) is a possibility, yet metastatic tumors need to be ruled out.
Endothelial expression of PSMA in neovasculature known to occur in Paget disease has been postulated as the mechanism causing the PSMA-PET/CT positivity of this condition [5-8].
(5) Total hip arthroplasty (THA) remains a successful treatment modality for hip osteoarthritis in the setting of Paget's disease affecting the acetabular and femoral bone.
Paget's disease is often discovered in asymptomatic patients either as an incidental finding of raised ALP or on X-rays taken for an unrelated problem.
Now, the Paget's Association - the only charity in the UK dedicated to Paget's disease - has named the Newcastle Bone Clinic as a UK Centre of Excellence.