Alexander, German ophthalmologist, 1828-1879. See: Pagenstecher circle.
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Steven Pagenstecher, Point West's vice president of member experience, said credit unions should continue to be a source of opportunity and support for their members, regardless of their immigration status and despite Trump's action.
En el caso de Australia, se tiene la evaluacion de su banco de germoplasma frente al dano que podrian generar plagas que no se encuentran en su pais como Sesamia grisescens Warren (Noctuidae), Chilo terrenellus Pagenstecher (Crambidae), Scirpophaga excerptalis (Walker) (Pyralidae) y Rhabdoscelus obscurus (Boisduval) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) (Samson et al.
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Phylogenetically, all pilidiophorans are expected to produce a pilidium larva (Thollesson and Norenburg, 2003), but the specific larval morphology can be highly variable (e.g., see Leuckart and Pagenstecher, 1858; Fewkes, 1883; Dawydoff, 1940; Cantell, 1966a, b; Norenburg and Strieker.
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Lillian Pagenstecher, a 21-year-old UO student, died of bacterial meningitis in May 2012.
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