Alexander, German ophthalmologist, 1828-1879. See: Pagenstecher circle.
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Lillian Pagenstecher, a 21-year-old UO student, died of bacterial meningitis in May 2012.
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In 2012, a 21-year-old UO student, Lillian Pagenstecher, died from meningitis.
While an incubation period still needs to play itself out, Lane County health officials are cautiously optimistic that the bacterial meningitis that took the life of University of Oregon student Lillian Pagenstecher on Friday is an isolated incident and not the precursor of a larger outbreak.
Both the brothers survived that infection but remain at risk for contracting the disease again because of a genetic protein deficiency, said Gerhard Pagenstecher.
We don't know yet," said Pam Stuver, a nursing supervisor at the agency, referring to the death of Lillian Pagenstecher, 21, a member of the Chi Omega sorority.