Padlock Sign

A rare CT finding in which a mass density is accompanied by adjacent ring enhancement, representing eccentric cavitation in a solid intracranial lesion; while characteristic of higher grade astrocytomas, abscesses, and metastases, it is also seen in craniopharyngioma, meningioma, prolactinoma—with cystic changes—and tuberculosis, and thus has little diagnostic specificity
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Web pages you enter personal or financial details into should display a locked padlock sign and have a web address that starts https.
When buying online look for the padlock sign under the URL bar on the payment page so you know the website is secure.
Many shops start their sales online before they begin in-store Sign up to the mailing lists to make sure you're among the first to know when the sales start Earmark potential purchases before the sales Protect yourself from identity theft - look for a padlock sign on the payment page and make sure the URL changes from 'http' to 'https', indicating it's a secure address Factor in delivery costs
In the address bar at the top of the screen (which starts "http://"), always look for the letter "s" - as in https:// - which indicates the site is secure, as does a padlock sign in the corner of your browser window.
You can also check that you are on a secure website by ensuring there is a padlock sign in the bottom bar on your screen.
Always find out whether the company has a secure site by looking for the closed padlock sign at the bottom of the screen
The most common is a padlock sign displayed in the bottom corner of your browser.
Bob Robinson, of Sandwell Trading Standards, said: 'Ensure the site is secure, look for a small padlock sign on the screen, before entering any credit card details.
When a communication is secure a tiny padlock sign should appear at the bottom of the screen.
# When buying on the Internet look for the padlock sign which shows your details are transferred over a safe connection.
If using the net to pay for goods you must look for the yellow padlock sign as a proof of credit card security.