packed red blood cells

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packed red blood cells.

pack·ed cells

(pakt selz)
A blood product consisting of concentrated cells, most of the plasma having been removed; given to the patient who needs red blood cells but not increased fluid volume, e.g., the patient in congestive heart failure.
Synonym(s): packed red blood cells.

packed cells

, packed red blood cells,


Red blood cells that have been separated from plasma. They are used to treat conditions such as hemorrhage or symptomatic anemias that require transfusions of red blood cells but not the liquid components of whole blood. The transfusion of PRBCs in place of whole blood elevates hemoglobin levels and reduces the likelihood of fluid overload in the recipient.
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OBJECTIVE To review the literature on the limitations and consequences of packed red blood cell transfusions, with particular attention to critically ill patients.
Mahadevan stressed that "we should be assuming that these patients are coagulopathy, and [we should be] giving FFP right out of the gates," with an initial transfusion in a 1:1 ratio with packed red blood cells.
Each unit of packed red blood cells increases the hematocrit by about 3% and raises the hemoglobin level by about 1 g
3 g/dl, which necessitated a return to the operating room for hemostasis and transfusion of 2 units of packed red blood cells.
Haidak was given one unit of packed red blood cells in an attempt to raise his blood pressure.
The patient remained anuric for 17 days, required 17 peritoneal dialysis procedures, and six infusions of packed red blood cells.
Vitamin K was given to 10 patients, fresh-frozen plasma to 4, packed red blood cells to 3.
The current management of beta-thalassemia major patient is based on regular transfusion of conventional packed red blood cells and effective chelating therapy.
1 - for the removal of leukocytes from packed red blood cells, task no.
In acute care medical-surgical settings, maintaining line patency is vital to administering packed red blood cells and protecting the patient from untoward outcomes.
Despite transfusion of packed red blood cells and correction of the serum potassium (4.

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