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Among his former students he frequently spoke highly of, in no particular order, Federico Pacchioni, Norma Bouchard, Tourun Haaland, Colleen Ryan, Manuela Gieri, and Cristina Degli-Esposti.
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Arachnoid granulations (AG) were first described by Antonio Pacchioni in 1705 [5].
Maurizio Barale, MD; * Marco Oderda, MD; * Riccardo Faletti, MD; ([dagger]) Marco Falcone, MD; * Francesca Pisano, MD; * Giancarlo Marra, MD; * Adele Cassenti, MD; ([section]) Luisa Delsedime, MD; ([section]) Donatella Pacchioni, MD; ([section]) Paolo Gontero, MD *
A year later, in 1964, Fabio Pacchioni arrived in Ecuador as a theatre specialist sent by UNESCO to lead an acting workshop at Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana.