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Among his former students he frequently spoke highly of, in no particular order, Federico Pacchioni, Norma Bouchard, Tourun Haaland, Colleen Ryan, Manuela Gieri, and Cristina Degli-Esposti.
Maurizio Barale, MD; * Marco Oderda, MD; * Riccardo Faletti, MD; ([dagger]) Marco Falcone, MD; * Francesca Pisano, MD; * Giancarlo Marra, MD; * Adele Cassenti, MD; ([section]) Luisa Delsedime, MD; ([section]) Donatella Pacchioni, MD; ([section]) Paolo Gontero, MD *
A year later, in 1964, Fabio Pacchioni arrived in Ecuador as a theatre specialist sent by UNESCO to lead an acting workshop at Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana.
4) To see more references about the evidence of high levels of mobility between the informal and formal sector see Maloney (1999), Bosch, Pacchioni and Maloney (2007), Bosch and Maloney (2007), Pages and Stampini (2009) among others.
Anthony Pacchioni, RD, has been selected director of dining services.
The festival will also pay tribute to Italian filmmakers Filoteo Alberini and Italo Pacchioni by screening efforts from them, including Alberini's 12-minute 1909 film "Il piccolo garibaldino" (The Garibaldi Boy), according to the website of the festival.
el cientifico Gianfranco Pacchioni no habla de relaciones entre seres humanos.
One of the boys, a rather shy 12-year-old called Lorenzo Pacchioni, handed me something he'd written for me.
Casanovas, J, Illas, F, Pacchioni, G, "Ab Initio Calculations of 29Si Solid State NMR Chemical Shifts of Silane and Silanol Groups in Silica.
For an extensive and useful bibliographical reportoire of scholarship concerning Pasolini in North America see Pacchioni (2008).