GI disease A breath test for detecting gastric urease produced by H pylorii. See Helicobacter pylori.
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In the first 6 months of 1997, the following new drugs were approved by the FDA: Agrylin, Alesse, Anzemet, Carbatrol, Fareston, Flomax, Galzin, Idamycin, Migranal, Posicor, Prelay, Prevacid, Pytest, Requip, Resulin, Serlect, Skelid, Tasmar, Uniretic, Urso, Vicoprofen, Viracept, Zyban.
The recommendation of that panel was to reconstruct or add patients to a confirmatory clinical trial to replicate the accuracy levels of the PYtest.
The PYtest utilizes urea labeled with the radioisotope 14C as the active ingredients in the capsule.
Currently a license to handle the PYtest is needed, Call TRI-MED SPECIALTIES, INC.
PYtest is the breath test that can be done economically at the physicians office or a medical facility.