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n an abbreviation for prosthetic valve endocarditis. See endocarditis, infective.
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Unfortunately, PVE continues to carry a stigma in many organizations.
Considerando a existencia de poucos relatos e valendo-se da importancia de se obter dados para a padronizacao de uma tecnica de eletrodiagnostico em gatos domesticos adultos, o presente estudo tem como objetivo registrar dados do PVE por reversao de padroes, sem o uso de anestesicos e midriaticos, utilizando eletrodos de scalp.
Our new facility consists of an office, a yard, a workshop, and a painting shop," explained Victor van Tiel, senior sales manager at PVE Cranes.
Entretanto, para que haja a correta identificacao do PVE e PVMC sao necessarias medidas repetidas ao longo de determinado periodo de tempo sobre o mesmo individuo, caracterizando um acompanhamento longitudinal.
In conclusion, NTM PVE is a well-defined clinical entity that should be considered in patients with prosthetic valves who present with symptoms of endocarditis with negative blood cultures.
Since the first performance of PVE described by Kinoshita et al.
The samples that were treated with the PVE showed no cracking, even after 72 hours of exposure.
I am so pleased this project has been successful," said DCI Marriott, who has worked with more than 30 projects across the Midlands in the aim of meeting PVE targets.
Through questionnaires addressed to PVE teachers and teachers of other subjects, the study discussed the context that makes it necessary to adopt team teaching in PVE, identified the teachers who might participate in the teams, and their levels of ability to collaborate in teaching each of the PVE subjects.
A report in a national newspaper, which described the man seconded to the city council to lead PVE in Birmingham as a senior counterterrorism officer, turned out to be telling only half the picture.
During 2006, eight new license area applications were submitted, of which PVE was awarded with the rights to proceed forward for five gas and oil exploration licenses applications in Italy.
But Dean Godson, research director of the Policy Exchange think tank, has questioned the relevance of some PVE projects in countering violent extremism.