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All patients undergoing PTRA for combined endovascular and percutaneous posterior-approach interventions (n=15) were identified via retrospective review of the electronic medical record (EPIC; Epic Systems Corporation) in conjunction with the department's prospectively maintained database (Microsoft Access 2017).
They include the Federal Pretrial Risk Assessment (PTRA), Colorado Pretrial Risk Assessment Tool (CPAT), Florida Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (FL PRAI), Indiana Risk Assessment System-Pretrial Assessment Tool (IRAS-PAT), Ohio Risk Assessment System-Pretrial Assessment Tool (ORAS -PAT), Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (VPRAI), and the Correctional Offender Management Profile for Alternative Sanctions (COMPAS).
The current guidelines for atherosclerotic RAS recommend PTRA for patients with hemodynamically significant RAS or with the following conditions: flash pulmonary edema, rapidly declining renal function or refractory hypertension [11-15].
It's this attention to detail that makes Ptra perfect.
Data are insufficient to recommend a method of revascularization (surgical vs PTRA with or without stenting) (SOR: C, based on multiple cohort studies).
(HRI) in its external evaluation of Rural Physics Teacher Resource Agents (PTRA) project.
Contract notice: acquisition of a ptra 19t5 heavy goods vehicle and its equipment for the technical services of the city of jouy en josas with the proposal of taking over 2 heavy goods vehicles belonging to the municipality;
Main features: supply of a 6x2 cab chassis (with directional rear axle) of 26 tonnes gvw and 44 tonnes of ptra equipped with an aluminum tipper with a volume of approximately 30 m3 and an auxiliary crane.
Supply, assembly and delivery of: lot 1: 1 cabin chassis, 26 tons of ptac, 6x2x4, directional rear axle previously equipped to receive 1 waste collection bin with a capacity between 18 to 20 m3lot no2: 1 dumpster capacity between 18 and 20 m3lot no3: 1 cabin chassis, 32 tonnes of ptac, 44 tonnes of ptra, 8x4, short cabin, previously equipped type ampliroll for the collection of points of voluntary contributionslot no.
Contract award notice: Supply and delivery of: Lot 1: 4x2 tractors, 19 tons of ptac, 44 tons of ptra (france-chzy: Road tractor units)
Contract notice: acquisition of a 19t5 ptra heavy goods vehicle and equipment