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We won several ties under the dynamic leadership of Salim Saifullah whereas many local tournaments were also organised during the last three years, but we fail to understand why the PTF, which is in a sound financial position, is not distributing the winning bonuses among the players, ' said a former Davis Cupper.
Many of the companies that can and, in the future, will chemically recycle plastics today are in the PTF business, a young but growing enterprise.
Although it is not a right of participants which can be paid from PTF as mentioned above, but keeping in view the market practices regarding the way-out of subject matter, it can be said clearly, that WTO/ Takaful Operators, to the extent of writing in documents and speaking, cannot pay such a claim from PTF, whereas, most/some of WTO/Takaful operators practically decide to provide EXGratia payment from the PTF when it is required to safeguard / strengthen PTF on case to case basis.
Over the past year, Florence personnel have been advancing on-the-ground activities and have spent roughly $4 million specific to the PTF.
PTF to back Khanna for ITF president's post and hopes he will get them home ties in Davis Cup
The results presented above indicated that the point PTFs had better predication of water retention curve than parametric PTFs in clay soils.
The Genius PTF V uses a halving plat-form/head suitable for pallet layers made up of shrinkwrap packs, cartons and plastic crates.
Pakistan Sports Board which has no constitutional authority over national sports federation except giving them nominal annual grants took the strange decision of announcing the suspension of the PTF on Friday midnight.
In this case Singleton's, not being a PTF member, was unaware of the need to be on the Russian list.
Ora, passadas varias dezenas de anos desde que Nuttin (1964) publicou um dos primeiros trabalhos com maior notoriedade neste dominio, pretende-se sublinhar ou reiterar o valor adaptativo que a PTF tem no comportamento dos individuos, focando, para isso, dois contextos onde se tem vindo a publicar alguns trabalhos: a educacao e a saude.
ISLAMABAD, July 30 -- The Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) is organising the National Clay Court Tennis Championship from August 1-6 here at the PTF Tennis Complex.
Ian Gould and Eddie Kerr will oversee Phoenix Thermoframe and PTF (Northern), part of the PTF Group of companies.