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Professional Standards Review Organization

an organization established to monitor health care services paid for through Medicare, Medicaid, and Maternal and Child Health programs to assure that services provided are medically necessary, meet professional standards, and are provided in the most economic medically appropriate health care agency or institution.

The PSROs are an outcome of the Social Security Amendment of 1972 (Public Law 92-603), which requires the setting up of PSROs to monitor health care services paid for, wholly or in part, under provisions of the Social Security Act. Each PSRO serves a specific geographic area and develops or selects its own norms of care, diagnosis, and treatment. The norms are based on typical patterns of practice in the area being served, including typical lengths of stay for institutional care by age and diagnosis.
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Abbreviation for Professional Ethics Standards Review Organization.
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With the evolving role of these entities, the PSROs were remodeled into the peer review organizations (PROs) (Bhatia et al., 2000).
As with the Hoytville location, when more land was devoted to no-till and conservation systems, there was a decrease in soil erosion (USLE), organic nitrogen (YON) and phosphorus in sediment (YP) lost at the edge of the field, while effluents of herbicides (PSRO) and nitrates (YON3) carried in water runoff increased (Table 5).
Judges misinterpret PSRO, AAPS will appeal to Supreme Court.
Through the PSRO program, a mechanism was implemented to monitor services, to ensure the quality of care provided to beneficiaries, and to ensure that appropriate action was taken when it appeared that Medicare beneficiaries had received care that did not meet recognized standards (Institute of Medicine, 1990).
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As an indirect result of the show, this office was able to sign up 23 new PSRO members.
"I promise you it is far more often than you could guess," says industry consultant Tamara Lipori, who will show how to fix the problem in her PSRO 2007 session, "Train Your Team to Sell."
Two years ago, the Professional Scrapbook Retailers Organization (PSRO) became one of the newest members of the PMA family.
Though a limited tool, it was elevated to a process for quality and cost control by both the government (PSRO) and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (now the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations), a process for which it was not designed.
Weinberger challenged the Professional Standards Review Organizations (PSROs).
92-603, Social Instituted cost control Security Amendments mechanisms, including establishing professional standards review organizations (PSROs) to monitor quality and medical necessity of services provided to Medicare beneficiaries.
created Professional Standard-Review Organizations (PSROs) that were