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Inayatullah eulogized role of PSMA for introducing new talent from towns and villages of Mardan as well as announced donation of Rs one lakh for its encouragement.
The senior minister eulogized role of PSMA for introducing new talent from towns and villages of Mardan and announced donation of Rs.
The investigators continued, "This research grants allows us to prospectively investigate the combined value of multi-parametric MRI, nano-MRI, and 68 Ga PSMA PET-CT using prostatectomy and extended lymph node dissection as the gold standard.
PSMA has also been shown to be significantly overexpressed in response to androgen depletion, potentially enabling it to be used as a marker of response to anti-androgen therapy in patients with castrate-resistant disease.
27) While the PSMA represents a large step forward in deterring IUU fishing, like the legislative responses before it, the PSMA falls short of adequately addressing the major issues underlying IUU fishing.
where the amount of organic composition (g) was calculated from the TGA weight loss from 150 to 700[degrees]C corresponding to the decomposition of PSMA.
PSMA and Alpha formed a joint venture in 2012 to own and promote concerts in Singapore and the South East Asia region, with a key focus on Korean pop music.
PSMA in a recently held Sugar Advisory Board meeting on March 12 made a very strong recommendation to buy further quantity of 400,000 tons in view of the current inventory of sugar.
In this study we set out to explore the presence of PSMA expression by immunohistochemistry as a potentially promising target in the tumor endothelium of patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).
The study showed that the imaging pro-drugs were cleaved and activated by PSMA or PSA, suggesting their viability as a prostate cancer imaging modality.
111]indium-labeled monoclonal antibody Prostascint to PSMA to differentiate soft tissue metastases from bone metastases, he said.
Referring to the situation in the current season, PSMA has drawn attention to the surplus sugar worth about Rs.