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mystery pig disease

A swine livestock disease, first reported in Germany and the UK, that causes devastating reproductive losses and nursery-grower pig respiratory disease, and which has been linked to the PRRS virus. 

Clinical findings
Animals go “off feed” for about a week, showing signs of pneumonia. Within 1–2 weeks, sows at 105–112 days gestation abort—abortions do not occur at earlier stages of gestation—the period of which lasts about 2 weeks. Some litters have piglets that are weak at birth, which often die or become infected and then die. Preweaning mortality may reach 40%.
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In 2012 Chan Thy's team discovered a truck loaded with 20 pigs from Vietnam which later tested positive for PRRS. The pigs were culled, he said, while the truck driver was sent to the provincial court.
Emergence of fatal PRRSV variants: unparalleled outbreaks of atypical PRRS in China and molecular dissection of the unique hallmark.
Scientists used gene-editing techniques to remove a small section of the CD163 gene which the PRRS virus attaches to.
Verification of shRNA knockdown efficiency against FMD and PRRS viral genes
The PRRS and PED are highly contagious viral infection, hard to treat and easily spread and are considered two of the most economically damaging diseases for the pork industry.
Network stream processing unit can be reconfigured on PRRs on per port, per independent flow, or per virtual network basis.
The data suggest that RIG-I's role in the recognition and inhibition of IAV can be replaced by other PRRs in mice.
Specifically, the plans in place for combatting FMD, PRRS, and TGE were particularly helpful.
These molecular patterns are sensed through highly conserved pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs), called Toll-like receptors (TLRs).
El Sindrome Respiratorio y Reproductivo Porcino (PRRS) es una enfermedad ocasionada por un virus ARN del genero Arterivirus, que ha producido efectos devastadores en la industria porcina en las ultimas tres decadas, provocando grandes perdidas, y que solo en Estados Unidos abarcan entre 500 y 600 millones de dolares anualmente [16, 29, 46].
Denver, CO, May 19, 2017 --( Parking Revenue Recovery Services (PRRS), Inc., new leaders in Parking Enforcement and Collections Services, is excited to announce its partnership with ParkiFi in Denver.