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Abbreviation for L. pro re nata, as the occasion arises; when necessary.

prn, p.r.n.

(in prescriptions) abbreviation for pro re nata, a Latin phrase meaning "as needed." The administration times are determined by the patient's needs.


Abbreviation for pro re nata.


Abbreviation for pro re nata (L. as needed).

Patient discussion about PRN

Q. I need to know when do the patient require hospitalization for bipolar? Hello everyone, I need to know when do the patient require hospitalization for bipolar and what are the factors decide on the duration of their stay?

A. There are many factors that can lead to hospitalization. It can be simply that the patient needs to be monitored while their medications are tweaked. It may be because the patient is in risk of harming themselves, or someone else. It may be that the patient is manic to a point where they may harm themselves. The stay in the hospital will also very depending on their symptoms and how quickly they can be controlled with medications and theropy. Sometimes a hospital stay could be very good for the patient and has often been a factor in saving lives.

Q. what are the requirements of getting medicinal marijuana? i'd like to know the requirements of getting prescribed medicinal marijuana. i have heard alot about health benefits of moderate use of marijuana or should i refer to it as cannabis.

A. marijuana has been proven to help in these diseases,but the problem is getting a drs order for it.IT is easyer to get it under the table than legally.

Q. what is the required weight for 173 cm male?

A. here is a link to a Wikipedia that comes handy, it's about the BMI (body mass index) system:

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