packed cells

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pack·ed cells

(pakt selz)
A blood product consisting of concentrated cells, most of the plasma having been removed; given to the patient who needs red blood cells but not increased fluid volume, e.g., the patient in congestive heart failure.
Synonym(s): packed red blood cells.
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packed cells

, packed red blood cells,


Red blood cells that have been separated from plasma. They are used to treat conditions such as hemorrhage or symptomatic anemias that require transfusions of red blood cells but not the liquid components of whole blood. The transfusion of PRBCs in place of whole blood elevates hemoglobin levels and reduces the likelihood of fluid overload in the recipient.
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Azathioprine and prednisone, along with 6 units of PRBC were transfused.
In order to know if the fluorescent pattern was not an artifact, we performed a DAPI stain to see the nuclei of parasites into the PRBC (Fig.
MTP workflow job aid, MTP worksheet, two units of liquid plasma, and two units of PRBCs
The difference between preoperative and postoperative hemoglobin values was significantly lower in (Group 1), the study group (p = 0.02), as well as the number of PRBC and FFP needed during and after surgery (p = 0.001, p < 0.001, resp.).
In this analysis, fewer patients received PRBC transfusions in the plasma group than the 4F-PCC group; however, given our small sample size, conclusive evidence for this should come from larger, future investigations.
Our analysis was restricted to patients who were given more than 10 units of PRBCs within a 24-hour surgical intervention according to the Hospital Blood Bank database.
The patient was admitted to an outside institution and transfused 8 units of pRBCs over the course of a two-week admission.
In every operation, the routine clinical monitors including lead electrocardiogram, the redial arterial line, the pulse oximeter, nasopharyngeal temperature, urine output, central venous pressure line, operating time, CPB time, aortic cross-clamp time, PRBC volume during CPB, mechanical ventilation time, and intensive care unit (ICU) stay time (days) were recorded.
This whole blood derived product has a 26-day expiration date, is ideal for those Role 2 medical facilities without thawing capability, and is stored in a refrigerator at the same temperature as pRBCs and thawed FFP.
(13) pre-ERP 5.7 13% 1994, n = 104 post-ERP 3.6 0% RRP p value <0.0001 -- EBL (mL) or transfusion rate (%) Readmission or mean number of units rate (%) of PRBCs transfused (U) Okamura et al.
Authors also reported dramatic reduction in blood product requirements after UAE (3.1 U PRBCs before and 0.4 U after).