palmoplantar keratoderma

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hypertrophy of the horny layer of the skin.
keratoderma blennorrha´gicum a cutaneous manifestation of reiter's disease, most often involving the palms, soles, toes, and glans penis, and characterized by development of thick keratotic coverings; the lesions resemble those of pustular psoriasis. The disorder was formerly thought to be associated with gonorrhea.
keratoderma climacte´ricum an acquired form of keratoderma that affects the palms of the hands and soles of the feet; it occurs in women about the time of menopause and may be associated with fissuring of the thickened patches.
palmoplantar keratoderma a group of mostly inherited disorders characterized by the excessive formation of keratin, localized or diffuse, on the palms and soles, sometimes with painful lesions resulting from fissuring of the skin; it may occur alone or may accompany or be part of another disease.
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pal·mo·plan·tar ker·a·to·der·ma

[MIM*148600 & MIM*244850]
the occurrence of symmetric diffuse or patchy areas of hypertrophy of the horny layer of the epidermis on the palms and soles; a group of ectodermal dysplasias of considerable variety, and either autosomal dominant or recessive inheritance.
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pal·mo·plan·tar ker·a·to·der·ma

(palmō-plantăr keră-tō-dĕrmă) [MIM*148600 & 244850, MIM*148600, MIM*244850, MIM*148600 &]
Symmetric diffuse or patchy areas of hypertrophy of horny layer of epidermis on the palms and soles.
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