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macrophage migration inhibitory factor

A 25-kD proinflammatory lymphokine, produced by T cells in response to antigenic stimulus, which inhibits macrophage migration.

MMIF is encoded by MIF on chromosome 22q11.23.

Cell-mediated immunity, inflammation and regulation of macrophage function in host defence by suppressing the anti-inflammatory effects of glucocorticoids.
Increases intracellular cAMP, polymerises microtubules, stops macrophage progression.


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PNG is richly endowed with natural and mineral resources, and produces a wide range of primary commodities including crude oil, natural gas, timber, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, gold, copper, silver, nickel, and cobalt.
Of likely interest to historians and social scientists of PNG are the many overlapping descriptions of Port Moresby as it evolved from a dusty colonial outpost of 15,000 souls in the mid-1950s to a bustling (and still dusty) national capital of 200,000 in the 1990s.
The panel discussions and breakout sessions produced recommendations that the embassy working group is compiling and sharing with the PNG government, women's groups, NGOs, international organizations, diplomatic partners and the private sector.
The areas, whether urban or rural, not meeting safety guidelines are not connected with PNG.
The isolates from PNG were most closely related to strains from Vietnam (1995-2004) in the MLVA group III reported by Choi et al.
Our experience and success in PNG has been noted on the international stage, and PNG is rapidly being seen as a significant and welcoming gold region.
The existing PNG LNG two train project provides an attractive opportunity to add value through expansion in the LNG sphere, the company said.
PNG authorities declared the strike illegal as a request by the nurses union for a secret ballot to determine industrial action was refused.
The biologists, with support from CI and National Geographic, worked with local landowners and the PNG Government to establish YUS.
But last week Talidig became the first school in PNG to link to the internet - and Ludworth pupils received the first email direct from their friends on the other side of the world.
A 2008 study into the work value of nurses employed in public health facilities in PNG has recommended a 50 percent increase in nurses' wages and the introduction of a new classification structure of nursing levels.