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n postisometric relaxation; a manual resistance technique that is commonly used to treat the neuromuscular segment of a shortened, stiff, or taut muscle.
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A grid was created on the testing area to simulate sidewalk, bike-lane and traffic-lane locations relative to the PIR sensor.
With a PIR sensor capable of a 40' range, and a weatherproof housing, this user-friendly unit has made video scouting an affordable reality.
The PIR sensors were placed in the upper corners of the bay, and their area of coverage reached to the middle of the bay.
Finally, a PIR sensor light in a side alley is always a good preventative measure.
Like any sensor, a PIR sensor must be installed properly to work and not to send false alarms.
In addition to the PIR sensor, key subsystems include a color image and video camera chip along with an audio capture and playback CODEC.
Two versions of a new wall-mounted luminaire, GL-WL1012, with both wall mounting and ceiling fixing options will also be showcased: the standard version and one with a PIR sensor.
A A LIGHT with a PIR sensor like this one from Timeguard is a really worthwhile security investment.
The GL-FL30S-V2 PIR sensor can be adjusted to detect motion from 3 lux to 2000 lux, making it ideal for both day and night use.
The ePIR Motion Detection Zdots SBC includes a PIR sensor and Fresnel lens and delivers a high performance digital solution at an analog price point.
With a PIR sensor, the GL-FL12S helps to save energy cost by only turning on when needed.