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n postisometric relaxation; a manual resistance technique that is commonly used to treat the neuromuscular segment of a shortened, stiff, or taut muscle.
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PIR outlined several services in its original bid, including creating a dotorg advisory council, developing services that monitor a dot-org domain name, giving organizations the opportunity to submit their sites to various search engines, protecting organizations from spamming, and making a free dot-org directory that lists registered dot-org domains.
Pir Alam Zeb Shah refused to withdraw with the plea that he was contesting election as independent candidate not on party ticket.
Moirai Orthopaedics expects to begin a clinical trial of the PIR System in the summer of 2015, with the first implantations performed by Dr.
Speaking on the occasion, the Pir of Pagara said that his late father had close relations with the JI leadership and he was in Mansoora to strengthen ties.
There is nothing wrong with this being the commander's only PIR; however, in my experience during OIF, there will be five more approved PIRs concerned with lesser threats, and these PIRS often will not meet the criteria for a PIR.
2]/water solutions for PIR foams is challenging but feasible.
Pir Sabir Shah remained there for some time and expressed deep sympathies with the family of renowned poet Amir Shad Mehboob.
Pir directed her parents to light the fire to the chain of herbs in her neck, which took all the body of Jatti Mai in its grip.
Since acquiring PIR in 2004, Brentwood has worked with the PIR management team to help them build upon their very strong market positions in both brands.
Dow's building products include Styrofoam extruded polystyrene foam insulation and Trymer PIR foam pipe insulation.
office of ASIM Technologies Ltd of Switzerland, today announced the introduction of new versions of its popular IR 453 and IR 463 (160 to 200 ft curtain coverage for fence-line protection) outdoor PIR (passive infrared) intrusion detectors to the North American security market.
Addressing a big congregation of devotees on the occasion of 117 annual Urs at Eidgah Sharif, he said Pir Naqib-ur-Rehman had rendered excellent services for the unity of Muslim Ummah.