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E.B., U.S. obstetrician-gynecologist, 1881-1935. See: Piper forceps.


Black pepper, the dried unripe fruit of Piper nigrum (family Piperaceae), a climbing plant of the East Indies; used as a condiment, diaphoretic, stimulant, and carminative, and locally as a counterirritant.
[L. pepper]


(pī′pĕr) [L.]
Genus of plants that produce pepper. The species Piper nigrum is a flowering vine that produces black pepper.
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Though Piper sought to capture the 'spirit of place', the places might be interchangeable, given his mannerisms.
Hands gone, face all cut up and eyes failing," Piper remembers.
Since that time, Piper has used grids and typewritten text, juxtaposed newspaper articles with documentary photographs and self-portraits, and placed direct speech alongside referential speech.
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