lateral medullary syndrome

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pos·te·ri·or in·fe·ri·or cer·e·bel·lar ar·ter·y syn·drome

a syndrome due usually to thrombosis, characterized by dysarthria, dysphagia, staggering gait, and vertigo, and marked by hypotonia, incoordination of voluntary movement, nystagmus, Horner syndrome on the ipsilateral side, and loss of pain and temperature senses on the side of the body opposite to the lesion.
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This craving of Karu for inedible stuff is thought to be a form of Pica syndrome, where a person develops an appetite for substances without any nutritional value.
Bradley, who lives at Hill House care home, in Hockley, near Birmingham, also has autism and Pica Syndrome, which means he will attempt to eat anything.
Pica Syndrome: The Woman Who Ate a House C5, 10pm Documentary about people with the rare condition pica, which results in a compulsion to eat non-food items.
In addition, 57% demonstrated symptoms of pica syndrome - a craving for and compulsive eating of non-food substances such as ice and starch.
More than half of patients (57%) had symptoms of pica syndrome, primarily the urge to eat ice.
Pica syndrome symptoms typically resolved within 7-21 days of intravenous iron administration.