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The study of drug-related adverse effects carried out by pharmaceutical industries to suggest warnings or recommendations for product withdrawal.


(1) A state of heightened awareness, monitoring and reporting of potentially adverse pharmacologic events.
(2) The branch of pharmacology focused on detecting, assessing, understanding and preventing long- and short-term adverse effects of medicines.


(făr″mă-kō-vĭj′ĭ-lĭns) [″ + ″]
The analysis, detection, and prevention of adverse effects caused by medications.


n the monitoring of adverse effects of drugs and herbal remedies as they are used in the population. Also called
postmarketing surveillance.
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The onset of mobile phone booking apps for PHVs is causing concern about whether drivers are able to compete on a level playing field and has led to numerous and costly legal challenges which local licensing authorities are being forced to spend public money on.
Special selectable screens that display information for PHV operation have been added to the Prius-base car navigation system and the Eco-Drive Monitor.
SAE J2931/4 adopts HomePlug GreenPHY (HP-GP) [15] for the communication of the physical layer between PHV and EVSE over the control pilot (CPLT) of the AC charging cable.
One of these initiatives-responding to the diversification of fuel resources-will be exemplified by exhibiting the Japanese version of the new Prius PHV (scheduled for sales launch in autumn 2016).
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The collaboration is aimed at developing a tool to support easy home-based charging of the Prius PHV plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV), due for launch in 2012, and for future electric vehicles.
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Global sales of the Toyota Prius PHV began in January 2012, and by the end of March 2016, a cumulative total of 75,000 units had been sold in Japan, the U.