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When my family and I arrived at Ba Noi's (the Vietnamese term for grandfather), the tables inside and outside were filled with pho lovers and we had to wait quite a bit before a table was freed up.
Phra Pho Pan was born in 1932 in Ban Kat, a small market town about 30 kilometres southwest of Chiang Mai city in the district of Sanpatong (now Mae Wang district).
Many of the dishes on the Pho To Go menu are under 400 calories, in fact the prawn rolls we ordered were just over 100 calories, the salad 201 calories and the noodles 393 calories.
From Wat Pho, we went on foot to Bangkok's Flower Market or Pak Khlong Talad, the biggest wholesale and retail fresh flower market in the city.
PHO proceeded to build an obstacle course facility that aims to provide world-class facilities to obstacle course race athletes and family members who want to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle, as well.
At the menu's centre, of course, is the Vietnamese classic Pho, a noodle soup everyone seems to pronounce these days as if to rhyme with 'though' when, as any selfrespecting food-lover knows, it should sound as 'fuh' - as its origins in the French colonialism and Pot au Feu suggest.
Other than Pho the rest of the menu is full of sharing starters, spicy salads, wok-fried noodles, fragrant curries, Vietnamese beers, a fab wine list, fresh juices and cocktails.
Two names have been suggested as possible nursing representatives on the review: director of nursing and workforce development at Comprehensive Care Primary Health Organisation (PHO) Rachel Calverley and nursing director at ProCare Erin Mead.
Nghia Hoang Pho, a 67-year-old man residing in Maryland, ( pleaded guilty to one count of removal and retention of national defense information.
Getting into the pho spirit may be just the thing for the winter doldrums.
Every Saturday, when Andrea Nguyen was a little girl in Vietnam, her mother cooked up a pot of the flavorful noodle soup known as pho, charring onions and ginger, then simmering meat and spices for hours.