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The purpose of this study was to determine what stakeholders perceive as barriers and facilitators to establishing a national PHO in Trinidad and Tobago.
S Ibrar A, E, EL, SOC; M Iqbal ME; A Javaid ME, ASC Dbl; C Johnson A, ASC; C Joy DRA, EL; Z Kausar A, PHO, MA; Z Kauser E; A Kellett T, IT, P, RM; C Kelly H, MA, MF, P; M Kennedy E, H, ASC; D King ASC Dbl; F King E, EL, H; M Kirby B, PY, ASC; A Kneafsey T, H; G Knight ME, ASC Dbl; J Lawler LW; O Little EL, T, H, ASC; J Lowson DRA, PE, ASC Dbl.
The PLA/PHO blend containing 10 wt% PHO had enhanced tensile strain and unnotched impact strength compared to PLA, confirming that PHO acts as an impact modifier.
As a new organization, PHO has had to work with many partners to clarify roles and responsibilities and to develop appropriate processes to become inserted into existing workflows.
05), en las variables PFV, donde las lineas P7, P8 y P9, tuvieron los valores positivos mas elevados; para la variable PMS, solo P8 (B-39), mostro diferencia significativa con el valor positivo mas alto; para PET, fue P7 (B-32), el unico que se mostro estadisticamente superior; mientras que para PVA, el P7 (B32) y P8 (B39) y para la variable PHO, P8 (B39) quedaron dentro del grupo mas sobresaliente con los valores positivos mas elevados.
Ngati Porou Hauora has PHO partnerships with a number of small providers, most of which are based in Gisborne where its breadth of services is not as extensive as on the East Coast.
Understandably, physicians and hospitals may be reluctant to dismantle a PHO or MSO in which they have invested considerable resources.
One of the many challenges confronting the formation of a super PHO entity was finding an information system designed to handle the information needs of its constituents.
The first chapter, "Introduction to PHOs," defines the PHO concept and describes its benefits, drawbacks, and legal implications.
The random copolymer structure of PHO is unique among TPEs yet forms the needed phase separated morphology (crystalline and amorphous regions) required to achieve elastomeric properties in physically crosslinked systems.
Staff at the Central PHO have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the CA, which delivers a two per cent pay increase from July 1, 2016, and sees 60 NZNO members who were on individual employment agreements now on the CA.
The number of dengue deaths and cases had increased by hundreds of cases based on the last two updates that were released by the PHO since Sept.