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Prospective (or Pilot) Huntington at Risk Observational Study. A study that aims to define the natural history and experiences of adults who are at risk for developing HD and who choose not to learn their gene status through predictive DNA testing
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The island setting in Pharos not only creates a securely defined territory, but also ensures an artificially limited population, thus providing an effective site for the examination of the topography of transgenerational familial memory.
The new Traveler 137 Smartphone represents Pharos' third generation of Windows phones.
Halloran with seed capital from Soros Fund Management and Credit Suisse, Pharos Financial Group currently manages three funds -- the Pharos Russia Fund, the Pharos Small Cap Fund, and the Pharos Gas Investment Fund.
Recently, Pharos issued the 2009 Strategy Report recommending equity investors to adopt a defensive strategy, based on selecting companies with healthy balance sheets likely to be least affected by the downturn.
"Pharos intends to fill the niche as the market leader in emerging markets fund management," he said.
Pharos Science & Applications Inc., 888-742-7678,
After collection, each point file was differentially corrected using files from Idaho State University (ISU) GIS Training and Research Center's (GIS TReC) GPS Community Base Station, with the exception of those points collected with the HP/Pharos receiver (the Pharos receiver does not collect the necessary information for differential correction through a base station).
Painstakingly compiled and deftly edited by Larry Brian Radka, The Electric Mirror On The Pharos Lighthouse And Other Ancient Lighting offers an original, informative, and profusely illustrated in-depth study of the incredible lighthouse constructed by Sostras of Cnidos, as well as a serving as a complete reference to a multitude of many other outstanding electrical lighting accomplishments down through history.
A source said that although the Queen was ``very upset'' by the loss of Pharos, she does not blame Princess Anne.
Sources have said that the Queen was deeply upset at the loss of cherished Pharos but doesn't blame her daughter.
It smiled on the city's harbour, which is guarded by the castle made of the remains of the Pharos, the unbelievably tall lighthouse that was one of the wonders of the ancient world.
Wall Street investment firm Pharos Finance and Columbia University in New York have joined a London civil suit against Czech promoter Viktor Kozeni accused of fraud in a $450m deal to acquire control of state-owned oil company Socar.