Smart Bomb

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A steerable radio-controlled, laser- or satellite-guided bomb designed to precisely hit a target and minimise collateral damage
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To decrease muscle activation during jogging, PGM in the UPS is equipped along the musculus soleus and the pump is equipped on the ipsilateral toe.
PGM Billing is a leading provider of medical billing and practice management software and services to physicians and healthcare facilities.
PGM production up 22% quarter-on-quarter to 101,731 PGM ounces (Aquarius
The company found mineralization open to the north with one drill hole producing the highest-grade PGM intercept for that thickness ever drilled in the Coldwell Complex grading 15.
Kumar summarizes the PGM market by stating that "the continued growth in PGM demand for an expanding auto sector and for the requirements predicated by tighter emissions standards worldwide will likely work to sustain a firm tone to the metals markets.
The PGM Long-Term Outlook analyzes the platinum, palladium, and rhodium markets in great detail, both illuminating the long-term historical trends in supply, demand, and prices and presenting potential and likely trends in supply, demand, and prices over the coming 10 years under three distinct scenarios.
7,000 PGM ounces lost due to an unplanned stoppage of the K2 mills to effect
The property is diverse in its base metal and PGM occurrences.
The continued rise in the availability of retired or scrapped autos, greater efficiencies in the recycling process, benefiting from improved PGM and scrap prices and more restrictive and proactive regulations abroad will likely lead to higher amounts of reclaimed metal in coming years.
With PGM, wirebonding can now be used down to 28 nanometers.
Atlatsa owns the Bokoni Platinum Mine in South Africa, one of the most significant long-life, high-quality PGM mineral properties remaining on the Bushveld Igneous Complex (BIC), the world's largest geological platinum deposit, supplying 75% of annual global platinum supply.
com)-- PGM announced today their commitment to enhance the quality of services it provides to clients.