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Persistent generalized lymphadenopathy (PGL)

A condition in which HIV continues to produce chronic painless swellings in the lymph nodes during the latency period.
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A spokeswoman for PGL said: "We are unable to comment further at this stage, but will continue to provide all possible support to Rosie's family and the police.
Pathology reported the resected PGL had negative surgical margins and no invasion into extra-vesicular fat.
In this syndrome, patients develop polycythemia at a later age relative to HIF2A mutation carriers, but they appear to have a similar high risk of recurrent chromaffin cell tumors, especially PGL [17, 53].
"We are delighted to partner with Cox & Kings in the further development of HBR's niche brands such as PGL and Meininger.
PGL's special activity holiday insurance (PS28) must be booked to take advantage of this offer.
Gastric MALT lymphoma comprises about 50% of PGL. Although a strong association with chronic Helicobacter pylori infection had been initially demonstrated [7], recent data have shown that the incidence of H.
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Our instructor roars his approval NEED TO KNOW | EMILY SHELLEY was a guest of PGL (; 0333 321 2114) who operate family adventure breaks (children five years plus) at seven centres in the UK and four in France during the summer (and some half term dates).
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