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Persistent generalized lymphadenopathy (PGL)

A condition in which HIV continues to produce chronic painless swellings in the lymph nodes during the latency period.
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PGL undertakes industrial, commercial and consumer leasing.
Acting as digital referees the team at PGL can be further seen as bringing a form of organized regularity to some of Pakistan's most popular computer games.
In 2010, PGL team leader Mathew Faulds was jailed after being caught with child porn at Dalguise.
Holidaybreak has seen steady growth from its education division, with new PGL centres at Liddington in Wiltshire and Windmill Hill on the Sussex Downs helping operating profits rise 16% to pounds 15.
Despite limited growth prospects in the weakening economy, the lease portfolio of PGL increased in the outgoing financial year.
The Lenzing Group has acquired a 40% share in the Indonesian holding group PGL (Pura Golden Lion).
Therefore, we hypothesize that drugs blocking PGL synthesis would reduce the adaptive fitness of PGL-producing /M.
For the year to the end of March last year, Kentucky-based PGL, a maker of isolated electrical power systems and electrical raceways - bought from Halma - reported revenues of pounds 3 million.
But allegations that supervisors at PGL Travel's 17-acre campsite in Tan Troed, in Llangorse, were drinking on site have caused outrage.
1,2] On the other hand, the histologic changes of the gastric mucosa adjacent to PGL have only recently been adequately described, in spite of the high frequency of intestinal metaplasia and atrophy and occasional dysplasia that are noted.
PGL is Britain's best known, having looked after eight million youngsters since it launched in 1957.