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Persistent generalized lymphadenopathy (PGL)

A condition in which HIV continues to produce chronic painless swellings in the lymph nodes during the latency period.
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In 2010, PGL team leader Mathew Faulds was jailed after being caught with child porn at Dalguise.
been undertaken to return the underlying PGL business to
PGL works for the medical, laboratory and educational sectors.
We would like to thank the PGL board and senior management for the opportunity to conduct due diligence and for the time and effort that the management team and its advisers committed to the process.
IF the success of an activity holiday can be judged by the amount of dirt a child returns home with, my daughter's trip to PGL was a triumph.
PGL said the incidents took place when there were no children on the camp and that it had taken action.
In the UK, try the PGL Liddington centre in Wiltshire - great for sport for him and no pressure for you to join in.
That's what was lying in wait for Sam, 13, and Cameron, 11, when they travelled to the PGL adventure centre at Dalguise to enjoy a five-day multi-activity break.
Last October students visited an activity centre, PGL, on a residential trip.