prostaglandin F.
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Switzerland-based ObsEva has completed a Phase one single and multiple ascending dose study of OBE022, a potential first-in-class, once daily, oral and selective prostaglandin F2alpha, or PGF2alpha, receptor antagonist, it was reported yesterday.
In vitro comparison of myometrial contractility induced by aglepristone-oxytocin and aglepristone- PGF2alpha combinations at different stages of the estrus cycle in the bitch.
Low Semen Dose Intracornual Insemination of Cows at Fixed Time after PGF2alpha Treatment or at Spontaneous Estrus.
Induction of abortion by intramuscular administration of (15S) 15methyl PGF2alpha.
Intraperitoneal administration of acetic acid releases prostaglandins like PGE2 and PGF2alpha and their levels are increased (Deraedt et al.
The group 1 patients were induced with Foley's catheter balloon alone with traction while group 2 patients were induced with combined Foley's catheter balloon and PGF2alpha.
Timed artificial insemination in beef cattle using (GnRH agonist, PGF2alpha and estradiol benzoate (EB).
Inhibited skeletal muscle healing in cyclooxygenase-2 gene-deficient mice: The role of PGE2 and PGF2alpha.
Do high progesterone concentrations decrease pregnancy rates in embryo recipients synchronized with PGF2alpha and eCG?
PKCepsilon and an increase in intracellular calcium concentration are necessary for PGF2alpha to inhibit LH-stimulated progesterone secretion in cultured bovine steroidogenic luteal cells.
Early onset of parturition induced by acute alcohol exposure in C57BL/OJ mice: role of uterine PGE and PGF2alpha.