Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

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A condition characterised by spontaneous and persistent sexual arousal, generally without genital engorgement or orgasm, unrelated to sexual desire. It is variously attributed to serotonin withdrawal or to a defect in blood flow through the regional vessels
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But more than the lack of intimacy, PGAD also prevents Decker from working, leaving the burden of working for their family on the wife.
It gives also the complexities of Maini algorithm, OSD, Chase-2, SDGA, Chana algorithm, DDGA, PGAD. These complexities measurement are more detailed respectively in [2-4, 5-6, 11-12].
Complexity of some decoding algorithms Decoding algorithm Type of binary block code PGAD Linear AutDAG Cyclic Linear and not cyclic Systematic Maini algorithm Cyclic or linear DDGA Cyclic or linear SDGA Cyclic or linear Chase2-HD Binary block code Chana algorithm Cyclic OSD of order m Cyclic or linear Decoding algorithm Temporal complexity PGAD O(n.ln(n)+[k.sup.2].n+k.n.(Ni+Ng.Nc)+ Ng.Ni.ln(Ni)+Ns.ln(Ns))) AutDAG Less than or equal to O(Ni.Ng(log(n).log(n-k))) Less than or equal to O(Ni.Ng.k.n)) Less than or equal to O(Ni.Ng.C(Encoding))) Maini algorithm O(Ni.Ng(k.n+log(Ni))) DDGA O(Ni.Ng(k.(n-k) + log(Ni))) SDGA O([2.sup.t].(Ni.Ng(k.[n.sup.2]+k.n+log(Ni)))) Chase2-HD O([2.sup.t].C(HD)) Chana algorithm O([2.sup.p+1].k.log(n).(n+log(n-k))) OSD of order m O([n.sup.m+1])
It may be present throughout the person's life (primary PGAD) or develop at any age (secondary PGAD).
The clinical features in this man were consistent with the definition of PGAD. He had physical arousal symptoms, which were not related to sexual desire or thoughts and was causing severe distress to him.
There is an emerging literature on the pathophysiology, possible aetiological factors and the management options of PGAD. There are various associations reported including Psychological (4,5) and organic (6-9) pathologies with some convincing evidence.
In this case, he suffered few UTI and a minor complication of painful scrotum following vasectomy, few years before the onset of PGAD. However he had a full urological and neurological work-up recently which didn't show any underlying organic cause for his current symptoms.
Similar to the causes for PGAD, there is few treatment modalities reported in the literature.
This case is reported to confirm that PGAD also occurs in males, which is quite different from priapism and it could be a psychosomatic condition.
Persistent genital arousal disorder: A case report in a woman with lifelong PGAD where serendipitous administrations of varenicline tartate resulted in symptomatic improvement.
In our osteoarthritis example, there are three primary end points (WOMACPA, WOMACPH, and PGADS), hence, there is a potential problem.
The experimental treatment CE was defined to be non-inferior to ET when the upper bound of the two-sided 95% CIs for the difference between CE and ET was not more than 10 mm for the three primary end points: WOMACPA, WOMACPH, and PGADS. Thus, in order that non-inferiority be shown, all three conditions had to be satisfied.