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A gene on chromosome 15q11.2-q12 that encodes a protein which may be involved in tyrosine transport within melanocyte and play a role in regulating the pH of melanosomes and melanosome maturation, as well as in post-translational processing of tyrosinase, which catalyses the limiting reaction in melanin synthesis. OCA2 may serve as a key control point at which skin colour variation is determined; it is a major determinant of brown and/or blue eye colour.

Molecular pathology
Defects in OCA2  cause oculocutaneous albinism type 2, see there.
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Abbreviation for performance-enhancing drug.
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vertically and horizontally integrated PED architectures using common
We did not treat our patient for PED. To manage KC, the patient attempted wearing contact lenses but he did not tolerate them.
When a patient feels pain or numbness related to compression of an exiting nerve root during PED, it is essential that an appropriate foraminoplasty be performed using a high-speed bur to enlarge the foramen.
The primary outcome measure was the association between in-hospital mortality/hospitalization and the PTS calculated on arrival at our PED. Secondary outcomes included the following: the association between the PTS and the rate of hospitalization in the PICU, the association between the PTS and the rate of MV support, the association between the PTS and the rate of operation, the association between the PTS and the rate of blood/blood product transfusion (Tx), the correlation between the PTS and length of observation in our PED, and the correlation between the PTS and LOS.
Criteria for inclusion in our study were children less than 18 years of age who came to the PED following self-poisoning by pills.
We examined two different categories of "new patient" PED visits--a site-specific definition of new and a TC LHIN-level definition of new.
Se observa que la identidad social es el factor que mas pesa en la ID de los adolescentes del PED, mientras que en las chicas y los chicos la identidad social comparte importancia con la afectividad negativa.
It was not established whether they were a result of the PED outbreak or control methods such as "back-feeding" fecal material to piglets.
According to the PED virus genome database sequences of S gene nucleotide sequence specific amplification, a pair of primers were designed, upstream primer: 5'-TATTTTGGTGTAATCGTATGGC-3', a downstream primer 3'-GGCTGTTTTTCCA CGTAATCGGAA-5'.
Operational usefulness of a shared information environment, combined with declining budgets, new technologies, and the future strategic landscape, is driving the need for more collaborative PED. The merging of joint, interagency, and coalition partner PED capabilities leads us down the path of better and more efficient warfighter support.
A single-blastomere WGA of the transferred embryo was collected for WGS [pedigree (PED)-E-A].