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1, where [T.sub.g1] is the glass transition temperature of the copolymer, [W.sub.1] and [W.sub.2] are the weight fraction of ethylene terephthalate and ethylene bibenzoate, respectively; [T.sub.g1] and [T.sub.g2] are the glass transition temperatures of PET and PEBB respectively, with To of PET 78.7 [degrees] C, [T.sub.g2] of PEBB taken to be 122 [degrees] C (11).
By self-insuring the statewide medical plan, PEBB assumes risk for losses.
PEBB benefits cost employers significantly more than capped contributions (on average) provided currently by Oregon's 198 locally governed school districts.
A joint venture between Duncan Hillsley Capital and Pebb Capital purchased the unencumbered property for $38.9 million.
Contract award: creating a staffing calculation system pebb A* y for justice
The instruction might be "Speedster Six Bravo Charlie, descend via the PEBBS One Arrival, VNAV 4 degrees to PEBBS." The controller would know exactly where that aircraft was in space and have more flexibility for moving aircraft above or beneath it.