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Polydimethylsiloxane Product liability A silicone used for the elastomeric capsule and gel filler of breast implants; silicone elastomers are constructed of PDMS high MW–500,000 to 700,000 kD polymers treated with fumed silica particles and highly cross-linked to ↑ consistency of final product. See Breast implant.

Peabody Developmental Motor Scales

(pē'bŏd″ē, pē′bĭ-dē″),


A standardized performance test of gross and fine motor development for infants and children. The PDMS is suitable for newborns, infants, and children up to 6 years of age. Subtests include reflexes, stationary, locomotion, object manipulation, grasping, and visual-motor manipulation. The PDMS-2 includes both subtests and training and remediation programs.
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A similar result was seen when ECs migrated from the untreated surface to a gelatin-coated PDMS surface (Figure 2D).
Table 1: AAc grafted PDMS via TSPT with variable process time with fixed power of 60 (W) and AAc concentration 30% (v/v) Sample # Plasma Plasma pretreatment polymerization time (s) time (s) Untreated Silicone Blank (control) PDMS-p-AAc Min 10 60 PDMS-g-AAc Med 20 120 PDMS-g-AAc Max 35 180 Table 2: Silicone grafted with AAc and immobilized with CS and AgSD mixture Sample # Chitosan and Lactic acid concentration Min-g-CS/AgSD 0.
PDMS does not swell in water, but owing to the presence of polar amide linkage and GeCl3 as pendant group in the amide block, the copolymers absorb moisture by weight, which make them hydrophilic [27].
Se observo que un 57% (29) de los ureteres manejados con aplicacion submucosa de PDMS no presentaron datos de reflujo en el UCGM de control, 31% (15) disminuyeron a reflujo grado I y 6 (11.
The nonreactive components, polyol, PDMS, and pot-life extender were added to blenders first and mixed overnight using mechanical stirrer.
PDMS has been applied in membrane technology for a long time as it is highly permeable to oxygen and also biocompatible [13].
A number of customers in the marine, power and mining industries worked closely with AVEVA during the development of this new product and have already reported up to 60% reduction in man-hours compared with their previous practice of re-creating equipment models from scratch in AVEVA PDMS.
IT services firm PDMS said today that it has won a contract from Transport for London (TfL) to supply the British capital's public transport organisation with a new software system to provide real time information on lost property.
Summary: AVEVA (LSE:AVV) today announced that Tebodin Middle East, a leading international multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering firm, selected the AVEVA Plant portfolio, including AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA Instrumentation, for its operations in the region.