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primary care organisation

A UK term for either a
(1) Primary care trust (PCT), which currently commissions primary and secondary health services for the people in its catchment area; or
(2) Care trust, which commissions social and healthcare services.

PCOs receive a budget directly from the Department of Health, from which they produce a five-year strategic plan to show what they will do to improve local health and healthcare.

Primary care organisations:
• Assess the health needs of the local population and match the offered services to meet those needs;
• Secure agreed levels of service with local hospitals, which are autonomous bodies with their own leadership and plans;
• Pay for local doctors and dentists, who have a contract with the PCO;
• Commission community-based health services—e.g., therapy services, district nurses and mental health services;
• Work with other organisations and community groups to improve services, tackle health inequalities and improve health.
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1. Patient complains of.
2. Polycystic ovaries, see there.
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He said his choice as the Chairman of the PDP PCO in Ogun State was informed by the fact that he is the party's governorship candidate with a solid structure and functional offices across the state.
On October 31, the sources said, an inmate identified as Muhammad Shakil had come in the PCO to meet the operator.
Unconvinced, CJP Nisar proceeded to address Chaudhry: 'Talal go bring some Mian sahab to throw out these PCO idols.' Chaudhry in at attempt to defend himself said: 'We only use the PCO term symbolically.
He said the Supreme Court also in its 2009 judgment declared the PCO of Musharraf void ab initio meaning thereby the NAO stood repealed since 2000.
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The other petitions also argued that the impugned ordinance had been promulgated by military dictator Musharraf under PCO No 1 of 1999 as well as Order No 9 of 1999.
The then-president Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf, after imposing a state of emergency and suspending the Constitution on Nov 3, 2007, had issued a PCO under which judges swore a new oath of allegiance.
In this study, we assessed the incidence of PCO within 3 years after cataract surgery, to identify preoperative and surgical factors associated with PCO in the study population.
supplied by Degussa, were utilized as PCO matrix (weight average molecular weight [M.sub.w] = 90000, melting temperature [T.sub.m] = 65[degrees]C, cis/ trans ratio 20/80, density 0.91 g/[cm.sup.3]).
Since the PCO launched the FOI website in November, hundreds of people have requested to see government records for personal use, research or reporting.
Among the emerging gas-phase air cleaning technologies, photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology has been regarded as promising one, and many studies have been conducted on UV-PCO.
During the past decade, many studies dealt with femoral posterior condylar offset (PCO) and posterior tibial slope (PTS) in TKA [7-12].