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A gene on chromosome 5q35.3 that encodes a tyrosine kinase receptor for vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF) C and D, which appear to play a role in lymphangiogenesis and maintenance of the lymphatic endothelium.

Molecular pathology
FLT4 mutations cause hereditary lymphedema type IA.


1. Plasma cell leukemia.
2. Posterior cruciate ligament, see there.
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The PCL nanocomposites were prepared by melt-blending at 1201-C, 75 rpm for 10 min in a mini extruder followed by injection molding.
The conversation in the plane began to focus on what we would do if we couldn't retard the PCL.
This is a personal best for this region and was achieved through the generosity of individual employees and a corporate match from PCL in Edmonton.
Today, PCL has evolved from four-room brick schoolhouses, banks and town halls to building almost any structure imaginable across North America, ranging from general and specialized building, to industrial, highway, marine and heavy civil construction.
com), based in San Diego, CA, USA, is the leading consultancy and design firm specializing in print stream transformation, optimization, text extraction and manipulation products for developers, PCL systems integrators and MIS departments.
At its midsubstance, the anterolateral bundle of the PCL is approximately twice the size of the posteromedial bundle in cross-section.
On initial MRI evaluations done within several weeks of injury, all patients had abnormal signal in the PCL, with 5 patients' MRIs being read as consistent with a complete tear of the PCL (ie, there was loss of the normal low signal of the PCL, and no continuity of the PCL fibers was seen).
These days, the PCL isn't very coastal, but at least it's Western, unlike in the 1960s when teams from Little Rock and Indianapolis joined the league.
Sound Transit looks forward to working with our partner, PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.
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