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A gene on chromosome 5p15.2 that encodes a dynein protein, which is part of a microtubule-associated motor-protein complex consisting of light, intermediate and heavy chains. DNAH5 is a heavy chain force-generating protein with ATPase activity; release of ADP produces the force-producing power stroke.

Molecular pathology
DNAH5 mutations cause primary ciliary dyskinesia type 3 and Kartagener syndrome.
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In terms of geography, IDC's research shows that the biggest decline in the MEA PCD market was seen in the Rest of Middle East (RoME) sub-region, of which Iran accounts for the highest volumes.
On 25 June 2019, LCK announced that it had successfully completed the processes to finalise the PCD.
Looking ahead, IDC expects overall PCD shipments into the MEA region to total 19.5 million units for 2019 as a whole.
In this study, the mean time for 50% decrease in size of abscess cavity is 3.93 in PCD group while it is 5.50 in PNA group.
These patients were randomized into two groups; PNA ( n = 33) and pigtail catheter drainage (PCD) ( n = 33) which was inserted using the Seldinger technique.[8] This study was approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee, and written informed consent was obtained from all the participants.
Patients who had pancreatic/peripancreatic collection(s) with persistent infection, infected necrosis, persistent organ failure, or clinical deterioration (development of multiorgan dysfunction, fever, leukocytosis, or locoregional pressure effects even with sterile collection) were considered for image-guided PCD. The authors would like to clarify that infected necrosis was not the only indication of PCD.
"Housing, Auqaf, Irrigation, Agriculture, Livestock, Evacuee Trust Property Board, Communication and Works and Energy departments are some of the government offices that either have outdated fire extinguishing equipment or lack any altogether." PCD has not been efficient in checking various high-rise government departments' buildings and most of them do not have emergency exits, they said and added that non-functional equipment at these buildings was usually thrown away instead of getting refilled whereas sandbags used for firefighting were also empty and being used as dustbins.
Previous studies on PCD experience found that a similar proportion of females had experienced PCD on a regular basis.
We have also compared the performance of the system with that of using PCD data over HTTP, MQTT, and CoAP.
The failures of PDC cutters mainly include: (a) mechanical wear, (b) fracture and (c) stripping of PCD [8, 13], as shown in Fig.
PCD is also the industry liaison to government agencies and cooperates closely with standards development organizations such as AASHTO, ASTM, NEMA and UL.