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A gene on chromosome 5p15.2 that encodes a dynein protein, which is part of a microtubule-associated motor-protein complex consisting of light, intermediate and heavy chains. DNAH5 is a heavy chain force-generating protein with ATPase activity; release of ADP produces the force-producing power stroke.

Molecular pathology
DNAH5 mutations cause primary ciliary dyskinesia type 3 and Kartagener syndrome.


polycystic disease.
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It should be noted that HP, Lenovo, and Dell together accounted for around 75% of overall commercial PCD shipments in the region during Q3 2017, while the rest of the market's players are primarily focused on serving the consumer segment.
Similarly, the education sector was the biggest driver of detachable tablet shipments, triggered by a huge delivery in Kenya, as well as two other deliveries in Pakistan and Turkey, which enabled this category to achieve the fastest growth of all the PCD categories.
The failures of PDC cutters mainly include: (a) mechanical wear, (b) fracture and (c) stripping of PCD [8, 13], as shown in Fig.
Dado lo anterior, resulta necesario seguir extendiendo su analisis y potencialidad al caso de trastornos del aprendizaje y la memoria en seres humanos, contribuyendo a reconocer la utilidad del PCD como una herramienta metodologica que puede contribuir al desarrollo de estrategias de intervencion enfocadas en el tratamiento de diversos padecimientos.
CT thorax may further delineate malrotation, and bronchiectasis if any, and other changes found in PCD (Barker, 2002).
Loose material impacting the tool is the second leading cause of damage to PCD tooling.
On the contrary some studies suggest that PCD can be safely and successfully performed in patients with splenic abscess13.
The result of the physical experiments revealed that, the indoor temperature of "enclosure A" with configuration one PCD assembly was decreased.
The PCD Business is anticipated to increase by around USD2.
PCD is used to make high-performance polyurethanes with characteristics such as exceptional heat resistance and water resistance.
12% of the issued share capital of PCD Stores (Group) Limited ("PCD Stores"; SEHK: 331) on the Share Offer to acquire all of the issued share capital of PCD Stores (the "Offers").
12 In PCD, 10 health facilities (1 district hospital, 3 basic health units and 6 private clinics) collaborated, and for ACD, 24 visits were conducted during the two-year study period.