polychlorinated biphenyl

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polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) any of various brominated derivatives of biphenyl; uses and toxic hazards are similar to those of polychlorinated biphenyls. They typically are deposited in body fat stores and are rarely mobilized except through lactation.
polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) any of various chlorinated derivatives of biphenyl, toxic and carcinogenic nonbiodegradable compounds used as heat-transfer agents and electrical insulators; they are readily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, and those with a lower percentage of chlorine are associated with a higher toxicity but are more readily excreted.

pol·y·chlo·rin·at·ed bi·phen·yl (PCB),

biphenyl in which some or all of the hydrogen atoms attached to ring carbons are replaced by chlorine atoms; a [probable] human carcinogen and teratogen.

polychlorinated biphenyl


pol·y·chlo·rin·at·ed bi·phe·nyl

(polē-klōri-nā-tĕd bī-fenil)
Agent in which some or all of the hydrogen atoms attached to ring carbons are replaced by chlorine atoms; possible human carcinogen and teratogen.

polychlorinated biphenyl

PCB. Any one of a family of industrial pollutants known to be capable of inducing cancer.
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Decontamination of low PCB-containing transformers to be returned to service to PCB concentration 500 ppm)
One of the parts the ME defines is the shape and size of the outline of the PCB, which is a critical component of the product.
A female killer whale may live for 60-70 years, and although the world took its first steps to phase out PCBs more than 40 years ago, killer whales still have high levels of PCBs in their bodies.
Foram calculadas as medias das concentracoes e a frequencia de determinacao dos congeneres de PCBs no arroz e feijao.
Because PCBs exist in the environment as mixtures, careful consideration should be given to which congeners should be measured to monitor exposure.
PCB calibration standard solutions, 13C-labeled surrogate standards ([sup.13]C-PCB-14, 65 and 166), and injection standards ([sup.13]C-PCB-9, 52, 101, 138 and 194) complying with US EPA method 1668A for PCBs analysis were purchased from Cambridge Isotope Laboratories in USA.
Lacey, senior managing counsel, environment, American Gas Association, states that if the EPA insists on eliminating all PCBs by 2020, companies would have to remove and replace millions of miles of distribution pipes at astronomical cost and disrupting service to millions of homes and businesses.
In one home where some floors had recently been refinished, Rudel notes that airborne PCB levels became especially exaggerated.
"Rigid PCB sales continued to grow in March, despite lower sales compared to last year," said IPC President Denny McGuirk.
Selected Aroclors in transformer oil were analyzed by GC-ECD to determine a detection limit of PCBs, as Aroclors, in the transformer oil.
The first draft of federal regulations to phase out PCB materials in use and in storage will come at the end of the year, says Dan McCormack, TCI's environmental consultant for regulatory affairs.
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