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polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) any of various brominated derivatives of biphenyl; uses and toxic hazards are similar to those of polychlorinated biphenyls. They typically are deposited in body fat stores and are rarely mobilized except through lactation.
polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) any of various chlorinated derivatives of biphenyl, toxic and carcinogenic nonbiodegradable compounds used as heat-transfer agents and electrical insulators; they are readily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, and those with a lower percentage of chlorine are associated with a higher toxicity but are more readily excreted.
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Apart from the Asmara units awarded to Yamyam and Kiara, Suntrust recently surprised television viewers in a heart-warming airing of PBB Batch-Bakan challenge when it awarded Yen Quirante, the 'Palangiteen Dreamer ng Camarines Sur,' another condominium unit, the biggest prize a housemate ever received before the Big Night.
Apart from the two winners, Suntrust Properties also gave Yen Quirante of Camarines Sur her dream condominium unit after winning a challenging endurance task and defeated three other PBB housemates.
Ms Merce made me salubong and to my surprise they had a full set up in the pantry and my pbb family were all there," she related.
The merger with PBB Bancorp will become the fifth acquisition for First Foundation, which acquired Community 1stBank in the Greater Sacramento area on November 10, 2017, two branches in Seal Beach and Laguna Hills from Pacific Western Bank on December 12, 2016; Pacific Rim Bank in Honolulu on June 16, 2015; and Desert Commercial Bank in Palm Desert on August 15, 2012.
As noted above, PBB engages directly in the business of banking outside the United States.
PBB were able to track Casey's transfusion to Ishka - a three and a half year-old Golden Retriever Labrador cross who has donated blood four times to date to help her fellow canines.
Governance plays a key role in assessing PBB readiness.
Based on the chemical composition of PBB and the results from Trial 1, a lactation trial (Trial 2) was designed using 24 multiparous Holstein cows (day in milk [DIM] = 170.4 [+ or -] 35; milk yield = 30 [+ or -] 3 kg/d; body weight [BW] = 580 [+ or -] 13 kg).
From the outset it was agreed that the two-day training programme developed for facilitators needed to reflect the principles of adult learning (Merriam and Bierema, 2013) that underpin the PBB resource pack created by Nottingham City Care Partnership (Wilson, 2013).
The lead concentration in whole blood (PbB) (1) is the most widely used biomarker of lead exposure and is considered the best indicator of recent exposure (7-10).
The Canadian landscape for contract distribution will change with PBB Global Logistics' acquisition of rival Unicity.