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, payer (pā'ŏr, -ĕr)
The person paying the bill, satisfying the claim, or settling a financial obligation.
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Ajakaye said that for PAYE, the authorities had not been deducting tax in the last two years because the workers had not been paid full salaries.
Paye said despite the closure of small-scale mining tunnels in the Kematu gold rush area due to environmental violations since 2017, there are sneaker miners who still encroach into abandoned mining tunnels just to eke out a living.
I am on holiday currently and when the owner of this shop found out I was here, he asked me to cook sri paye and channey in Ramazan.
'People start arriving right after midnight and you will not be able to find a place to sit after 01:00 a.m.,' said Tahir Iqbal owner of a Sri, Paye and Nihari shop.
The subsidy was introduced in 2006 as a way to encourage small businesses to use the services of payroll professionals to handle their PAYE obligations.
While they may not be useful in your case, tax refund companies can help students and others from abroad on PAYE but not earning enough in a year to claim refunds after they go home.
Currently, Accenture already manages and maintains the National Insurance & PAYE Service (NPS) for HMRC, which will support HMRC'S capability to deliver faster and increasingly personalised services to U.K.
PAYE was initially limited to students who took out their first loan on
MONEY JARGON Britons are more likely to understand text message jargon such as LOL and OMG than they are to know what financial abbreviations like PAYE, ATM and Isa stand for, a survey has found.
LAHORE -- In the fight against rising pollution, the Punjab administration has banned the burning of trotters for preparation of 'Paye' across the province this coming Eid.
SIR - The cost of Cameron's low wage economy is being paid for by ordinary taxpayers whose tax contributions are taken at source (PAYE).
EMPLOYERS with fewer than 50 staff will face automated in-year penalties for late real-time PAYE returns from March 6, next year.